3.5-1507 7 år siden [Android] On first run, open up the navigation drawer so people realize that there is a drawer.
3.5-1506 7 år siden [Android] Fix drawing on screen control setting being derpy at times.
3.5-1505 7 år siden [Android] 0.6 Release
3.5-1504 7 år siden small index generator optimiztions
3.5-1503 7 år siden fix warning: format '%x' expects argument of type 'unsigned int*', but argument 3 has type 'u8* {aka unsigned char*}'
3.5-1502 7 år siden Merge in JP's change to fix audio stuttering with OpenAL.
3.5-1501 7 år siden [Android] Add an about screen that shows build revision.
3.5-1500 7 år siden Merge branch 'audio_misc'
3.5-1496 7 år siden forgot to add free() to the previous malloc change
3.5-1495 7 år siden replace alloca with malloc to fix windows builds
3.5-1494 7 år siden fix deb-x64 and osx-x64 builds after soundtouch update
3.5-1493 7 år siden update soundtouch to svn revision 173
3.5-1492 7 år siden update zlib to v1.2.8
3.5-1491 7 år siden [Android] Fix ant build?
3.5-1490 7 år siden [Android] Remove SimonVT menudrawer library. Move to Google's support library for their navigation drawer support. Overall cleanup.
3.5-1489 7 år siden Revert "Added optimizations to ClassifyFloat/Double functions in Mathutil.cpp and to PPCCache.cpp"
3.5-1488 7 år siden When loading a save state in read only that mismatches the current movie, load the input prior to the save state from the save state's movie, instead of using the current movie's input up to that poin...
3.5-1487 7 år siden Save sync gpu setting to dtm header.
3.5-1486 7 år siden fix gcc warning, probably also the logic
3.5-1485 7 år siden Revert "Create our OGL context on the same thread in the OpenGL backend. Same issue with Qualcomm not working with threading correctly."