3.5-2303 7 år, 5 måneder siden videoCommon: also reset logicOp on mode switch
3.5-2302 7 år, 5 måneder siden [ARM] Implement psq_st. Optimizations in psq_l and fix all the remaining bugs...except clamping within the max value range of the value. Causes some minor visual effects mostly.
3.5-2301 7 år, 5 måneder siden [ARM] Add support for double registers in VMOV(immediate). Add VEOR and VSTR1. Fix some minor encoding bugs.
3.5-2300 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Organize the list of allowed file extensions for the folder browser and game list alphabetically.
3.5-2299 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Simplify some checks within the the folder browser in regards to checking if a file is hidden or not. Also potentially fixed the case where items in the game list would not remain saved to t...
3.5-2298 7 år, 5 måneder siden Add two buttons to the ISOProperties dialog so that we still meet string freeze deadline.
3.5-2297 7 år, 5 måneder siden NetPlay: Use the correct pad mappings for rumble
3.5-2296 7 år, 5 måneder siden [ARM] Optimization to psq_l, no need to push/pop regs anymore. Implement support for single float loading, gives a decent speedup to Ikaruga in menus and game.
3.5-2295 7 år, 5 måneder siden [ARM] Optimize that fastmem load/stores minimally.
3.5-2294 7 år, 5 måneder siden [ARM] 1 instruction optimization for psq_l
3.5-2293 7 år, 5 måneder siden Fix the glew check. GLES3 can be used on non-Android platforms.
3.5-2292 7 år, 5 måneder siden [ARM] Use NEON for loading the values from psq_l, gives a minimal performance increase. This change also begins a new NEONXEmitter for having cleaner support for NEON.
3.5-2291 7 år, 5 måneder siden Update Gameini ratings from the Wiki
3.5-2290 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Show the full text for save and load states if there's room on the screen. If not, let it overflow into a context menu.
3.5-2289 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Make the MotionAlertDialog private. This isn't needed to be protected anymore. The only reason it was protected was for when the input settings were coupled as all hell to the GameListActivi...
3.5-2288 7 år, 5 måneder siden Move the creation of the GLInterface (and hence the video backend window) from VideoPrepare to Initialize in the software plugin (as in the GL plugin). This fixes issue 6564. It also makes the emula...
3.5-2287 7 år, 5 måneder siden Merge branch 'update-cmake-glew-test' Fixes issue 6548
3.5-2284 7 år, 5 måneder siden [ARM] Implement psq_l for 2x float loads. Couldn't find a game using quantized loads. Huge speed boost to Ikaruga and THP movies with this one.
3.5-2283 7 år, 5 måneder siden [ARM] Clean up some host side register allocations I missed.
3.5-2282 7 år, 5 måneder siden Merge branch 'translate-about'