3.5-2251 7 år siden Revert "[NetPlay] Make the Memory Card A/B setting sync across netplay."
3.5-2250 7 år siden Fix for old libc version on bionic. Old versions would crash if the second argument was NULL.
3.5-2249 7 år siden Fix typo in log message in WII_IOB.cpp.
3.5-2248 7 år siden [ARM] Reenable ps_add. Issue is due to something in the FPR cache. Still needs to be investigated.
3.5-2247 7 år siden [ARM] Reimplement fastmem for the few loadstores that had it before.
3.5-2246 7 år siden Don't ever ever let CFrame::DoStop() run twice at the same time.
3.5-2245 7 år siden [NetPlay] Make the Memory Card A/B setting sync across netplay.
3.5-2244 7 år siden [Android] Fix an accidental call to the wrong method in the superclass of EmulationActivity. Should have been returning "super.onMenuItemSelected(itemId, item)" instead of "super.onOptionsItemSelected...
3.5-2243 7 år siden [NetPlay] Allow recording movies during netplay.
3.5-2242 7 år siden ogl: remove obsolete code
3.5-2241 7 år siden ogl: disable revision 737df2a68cd5 for desktop ogl
3.5-2240 7 år siden [Android] Change the documentation of the FolderBrowser class. We don't show invalid items anymore.
3.5-2239 7 år siden [ARM] lmw implementation.
3.5-2238 7 år siden [ARM] Merge load instructions in to one. Also rapid prototype 13 more load instructions. This disables fastmem currently for loads.
3.5-2237 7 år siden [ARM] Fix and enable fastmem for 32bit stores.
3.5-2236 7 år siden Merge branch 'arm-storemerge'
3.5-2233 7 år siden Merge branch 'netplay-stop-fix'
3.5-2229 7 år siden Add a check for a shared polarssl library. This checks to see that the system version is new enough, and is compiled with havege support.
3.5-2228 7 år siden [Netplay] Read dual core setting before syncing it with clients.
3.5-2227 7 år siden fix android.