4.0-405 7 år, 5 måneder siden "warning fixes" commit introduced warnings; fix them. (And I refuse to use PRI macros.)
4.0-404 7 år, 5 måneder siden Merge branch 'ppc_fp'
4.0-399 7 år, 5 måneder siden Only add real HID devices to HID list.
4.0-398 7 år, 5 måneder siden Imagewrite.cpp had same problem. I hate windows :(
4.0-397 7 år, 5 måneder siden std::string can't be passed to ... format.
4.0-396 7 år, 5 måneder siden Don't pass char* to std::string. Windows was fine with this :(
4.0-395 7 år, 5 måneder siden Use IOFile for TextureToPng to support non-ascii Changed save texture/screenshot uses to std::string Removed unneeded new/delete calls when dealing with temp data.
4.0-394 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Core] Fix a mismatched dealloc in Render.cpp in the OGL backend. Should be delete[]
4.0-393 7 år, 5 måneder siden Merge branch 'master' of https://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu
4.0-390 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Remove accidental fragment tag in GameListActivity (it was useless, since it's an empty string)
4.0-391 7 år, 5 måneder siden Change software rasterizer screenshot code due to change in api just now.
4.0-390 7 år, 5 måneder siden Api was too confusing for people.
4.0-389 7 år, 5 måneder siden Woops, vim copy and paste issue with a double include.
4.0-388 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Like the previous commit (but for the GameListFragment), don't constantly create a new adapter when filling the game list.
4.0-387 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Simplify the FolderBrowserAdapter a little, as well as the Fill method within FolderBrowser.java. Previously the fill method would create an entire new adapter and assign it to the backing L...
4.0-386 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Simplify the AboutFragment view inflating. Considering the backing layout is a direct ListView, the original rootView can just be casted to a ListView, no need for an intermediate.
4.0-385 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Use the ViewHolder design pattern for the FolderBrowserAdapter. In directories with a lot of files, this should be noticeably smoother in terms of scrolling. Also fixed the case where the su...
4.0-384 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Change the name of the XML layout file gamelist_folderbrowser_list.xml to gamelist_folderbrowser_list_item.xml. More accurate name on what it is.
4.0-383 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Eliminate the need to hold a reference to the shown Fragment within GameListActivity. Now we only care about the numeric ID of the one being shown.
4.0-382 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Fix the handling of orientation changes for the Fragments related to the game list. Now screen orientation changes don't kick you back to the root view.