4.0-547 7 år, 4 måneder siden [Android] Stop copying assets that don't need to be copied anymore.
4.0-546 7 år, 4 måneder siden Clean up and add info to .gitignore; also re-add the QtCreator CMakeLists.txt.user ignore.
4.0-545 7 år, 4 måneder siden Revert "Add CMakeLists.txt.user to the .gitignore file. Closes issue 6873." because no comment has been given on what that newly ignored file even is. If no dev knows what's going on and there's not e...
4.0-544 7 år, 4 måneder siden [Android] Work around Qualcomm's broken garbage in their v53 drivers. This doesn't fix the issue, just a work around. This is the stupidest issue coming from Qualcomm. Now Dolphin Mobile won't crash i...
4.0-543 7 år, 5 måneder siden Work around AMD's broken Linux drivers when it comes to pinned memory and base_vertex usage. It seems that using pinned memory with base_vertex disabled is quicker than the other way around.
4.0-542 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Things fixed in Qualcomm driver v53. GLSL Centroid usage. SHADER_INFO_LOG reporting 0 at all times. Some crazy nonsense that broke the FPS counter. Those are all fixed. glBufferSubData still...
4.0-541 7 år, 5 måneder siden In the shader log message, say if the error came from a PS or VS.
4.0-540 7 år, 5 måneder siden Fix the ZLib in Externals. The CMakeLists file looked like it was copy-pasted from ZLib itself. It didn't work for various reasons.
4.0-539 7 år, 5 måneder siden Merge branch 'revert-avx'
4.0-536 7 år, 5 måneder siden Add a non-tiny warning about CPUs that will silently desync.
4.0-534 7 år, 5 måneder siden Software renderer: Add linear interpolation of fog range adjustment factors.
4.0-533 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Fix joysticks only capable of right/down movements. Also make it capable of using onscreen joystick even if controller 1 is bound.
4.0-532 7 år, 5 måneder siden Oops, I left a bit being set when it shouldn't have been.
4.0-531 7 år, 5 måneder siden Small cleanup in the EGL GLInterface.
4.0-530 7 år, 5 måneder siden Fix ARM unix build.
4.0-529 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Fix gamepad input.
4.0-528 7 år, 5 måneder siden If we are using OpenGL ES 3, then don't check for OpenGL/GLU
4.0-527 7 år, 5 måneder siden Fix Cmake failure.
4.0-526 7 år, 5 måneder siden Add CMakeLists.txt.user to the .gitignore file. Closes issue 6873.
4.0-525 7 år, 5 måneder siden Have our OpenGL/ES context creation be less stupid.