We heard you! Announcing Steam Achievements for Dolphin (April Fools 2023)

Since we announced the release of Dolphin on Steam a few days ago, many of you have speculated about features we will be supporting at launch. Steam Cloud saves support? Yes. Steam Deck support? Of course. But you have all exceeded our expectations with your enthusiasm for one Steam feature we hadn't originally planned to integrate.

We are pleased to announce our greatest experiment - Steam Achievements are coming to Dolphin!

Do a Barrel Roll!

Use Free Look to flip the screen 10 times within 20 seconds.

See the Matrix

Play with Wireframe enabled for 2 hours and 16 minutes.

Launch Day Nostalgia

Launch Dolphin with your system date set to November 19, 2006.

Our team has been hard at work day and night over the past 72 hours designing the best achievements that will showcase your mastery of Dolphins and the emulator. We are hoping that we will challenge the best emulator optimizers while providing interesting alternate gameplay options even for the more casual users.


Import a Wii NAND which has the Homebrew Channel installed.

Use the Force, Luke

Play through the entirety of Rogue Squadron II and III using the Null video backend.


Toggle each Dolphin configuration option at least once.

This feature unfortunately will not be quite ready for our Steam launch date, but we are hopeful you will be able to enjoy it as soon as Dolphin 6.0 releases (release date TBA). In the meantime, we are proud to release an early preview of the full list of Steam Achievements planned for Dolphin. Feel free to practice and try to complete them before the feature is fully launched! Don't forget to tag us on Twitter or Mastodon with your video evidence1!

Za Warudo

Get a game to freeze and make that beeping sound upon crashing. You know the one.

Keeping Healthy

Connect a Wii Balance Board to Dolphin.

Menu Nostalgia

Boot a Wii game via the Disc Channel of the emulated Wii System Menu.


Browse the Internet with the Internet Channel.

Eat this!

Order food delivery using the Demae Food Channel.


Press "Remind Me Later" 20 times on the Update available screen.

Consult the Logs

Toggle all Log Types and generate a log file over 100,000 lines long.


Press Stop 5 times and press no each time when getting the confirmation.

Ready Player One

Enable stereoscopic 3D and map free look rotation to a gyroscope.

Trust Me... I'm a Dolphin

Use a credit card in the Wii Shop Channel.

Better be Save than Sorry

Have over 9000 save states in your Dolphin user directory.

Not a Couch Gamer

Play a game with keyboard and mouse only.

Seconds per Frame

Use the Software Renderer, DSP LLE interpreter, CPU interpreter, and write back cache with dcache emulation for 30 minutes.

Too Much Info

Run out of storage because of the generated log file.


Win a Vs. match of Super Smash Bros. Melee with the DK Bongos.


Use the Ascii Art shader ingame for at least 2h.

Game Hoarder

Have at least 200 games in your Dolphin game list.


Run a Wii game at 24x IR without slowdowns for over 30s.

Three-Legged Race

Play any game using a controller profile that takes input from more than one device.

End of the World

Launch Dolphin 6.0.


Complete Super Monkey Ball with Dolphin's frame limiter disabled.

Need Juice?

Run out of emulated Wii Remote battery.

Triple Fun

Run an emulator within Dolphin while running Dolphin under a VM.

How dare you?

Cause Dolphin to crash. You monster.

I Can’t Hear You

Play for 2 hours without an audio backend selected.

Live Dangerously

Play for 1 hour without crashing with: Dual Core, Speed up Disc Transfer Rate, Synchronize GPU Thread "never", emulated CPU clock 400%.

What a QT

Set a custom user style.

Real Nintendo Fan

Connect 4 Wii Remotes and 4 official GameCube controllers at the same time.

Accurate Emulation

Play a LAN game with a real GameCube connected over Broadband Adapter.

You Definitely Need This

Enable list view and all list columns.

Never Mind...

Close a game within 10 seconds of opening it.


Replace an NKIT game with any other format.

Good Luck Arranging Those

Launch a game using 4 integrated GBAs, resulting in 5 game windows onscreen.

Double Cheater

Emulate the GameCube Action Replay disc with at least one Gecko code active.

Portal Mastery

Load 16 Skylanders on the Emulated Portal of Power.

Dolphin Whisperer

Use the Wii Speak Microphone feature to make dolphin noises. Wark.

So Someone Does Look!

Open the About dialog.

Are We There Yet?

Check for updates while you are on the latest version 50 times in one day.


Pass a game image verification without any problems being detected.

Bug Zapper

Have at least 10 breakpoints active at once in the Dolphin Debugger.

Over 9000!

Run out of emulated Wii NAND space.

I Use Arch BTW

Play a NetPlay game with 4 players all using different Linux distributions.

Cuz I Can

Boot a game on something other than X64 or ARMv8.

Double Dumper

Within Dolphin, dump a game using the CleanRip homebrew software.

Shake it Up

Burn 1000 calories by moving a Wii Remote.

Broken Screen

Play Wii Sports for at least 10h without using the Wii Remote strap.

Stability is the Key

Submit a bug report for any issue in Dolphin 5.0 (stable) which has been fixed in Dolphin dev builds for over a year.

One more thing for the more competitive players out there! How to better celebrate this new feature than with a friendly contest. We will be offering the best achievement hunter in our community a very special prize:

That's right: the famous Golden Wii previously commissioned for Queen Elizabeth II! To qualify, send evidence of the completion of all the achievements to [TODO: who?]2. The first person to have sent us a full list will be rewarded with the most famous Wii in the world!

We hope you're all very excited for the Steam release coming soon and the Steam Achievements launch coming slightly later much later maybe3. And happy April 1st to everyone.

¹ But for real, please do keep your Wii Remote strap attached when playing Wii Sports. Haven't you read the safety screen?
² This is not a real contest. We swear we aren't the current owners of the Queen's Golden Wii. Or... are we?
³ We might go for something a bit more retro instead. Who knows!

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