4.0-523 9 år, 11 måneder siden PixelShaderGen: Fix an issue where small negative z coordinates would underflow when they shouldn't.
4.0-522 9 år, 11 måneder siden PixelShaderGen: Use integer math for alpha testing.
4.0-521 9 år, 11 måneder siden PixelShaderGen: Make SampleTexture static inline.
4.0-520 9 år, 11 måneder siden OGL: Force highp for integers.
4.0-516 10 år siden VertexShaderGen: Remove Sonic Unleashed hack. Doesn't seem to be required anymore.
4.0-515 10 år siden PixelShaderGen: Use integer math for z textures.
4.0-514 10 år siden PixelShaderGen: Define idot for int4 vectors, too.
4.0-513 10 år siden PixelShaderGen: Treat UV coordinates like S17.7 integers (they're still stored as float, though).
4.0-512 10 år siden Fix LightingShaderGen multiplying by wrong types.
4.0-511 10 år siden LightingShaderGen: Perform more lighting calculations with integers.
4.0-510 10 år siden LightingShaderGen: Perform some lighting calculations with integers.
4.0-509 10 år siden ShaderGen: Store material uniforms as integers.
4.0-508 10 år siden ShaderGen: Store light color uniforms as integers.
4.0-507 10 år siden PixelShader: Store fog color as an integer.
4.0-506 10 år siden PixelShaderGen: Change indirect texture matrix uniforms to use integers.
4.0-505 10 år siden PixelShaderGen: Change the "alpha" uniform to use integers.
4.0-504 10 år siden PixelShaderGen: Change the "colors" and "kcolors" uniforms to be integers.
4.0-503 10 år siden PixelShaderGen: Process fog calculations with integer math.
4.0-502 10 år siden Provide our own dot functions in GLSL since GLSL doesn't provide integer versions of this function, even though AMD and Nvidia provide their own.
4.0-501 10 år siden PixelShaderGen: Microsoft's shader compiler likes to throw an internal error when masking with unsigned integers, so just use 255 instead of 0xFF all over the place...