3.5-559 10 år, 12 måneder siden Use standard binary multiple unit symbols for game size display. Use integer math for the calculation as we cannot rely on floats for something as important as game size display!
3.5-558 10 år, 12 måneder siden Disable SSE2 check in the GUI when building ARM.
3.5-557 10 år, 12 måneder siden Fixed issue 5270. Don't ask me how, I just clean up code and then it works! I think it was int overflow.
3.5-556 10 år, 12 måneder siden Fix compiling Dolphin on devices that provide crazy GLES drivers
3.5-555 10 år, 12 måneder siden Merge branch 'hle-fs-cleanup'
3.5-548 10 år, 12 måneder siden Don't null-terminate some random std::string.
3.5-547 10 år, 12 måneder siden Merge branch 'windows-unicode'
3.5-518 11 år siden Windows: Open wiimotes with the FILE_SHARE_WRITE flag like before.
3.5-517 11 år siden Fix accidental change from libpulse-simple to libpulse
3.5-516 11 år siden Fix ARM build.
3.5-515 11 år siden Kill warning.
3.5-514 11 år siden Eliminate some baseless restrictions in PointerWrap, mainly vector<string> not working.
3.5-513 11 år siden Merge branch 'perfqueries'.
3.5-491 11 år siden also don't cleanup efb copys on efb2ram
3.5-490 11 år siden Fix Dolphin starting only once then crashing at startup
3.5-489 11 år siden Fixes two memory leaks, one is pretty bad for OSX. Yell at pauldachz if this doesn't work. Or... say thanks.
3.5-488 11 år siden Added a BluetoothEnumerateInstalledServices call so that the wiimote remembers the pairing.
3.5-487 11 år siden Make ARMJit core default CPU core on ARM architecture
3.5-486 11 år siden Merge branch 'VideoSoftware-savestates'
3.5-481 11 år siden Fix a StringUtil regression from the arm-noglsl merge