3.0-905 8 år, 5 måneder siden Fixes swprintf_s issues hopefully. Also fixed an include not using correct caps.
3.0-904 8 år, 5 måneder siden Apply same force to float fix as has already been done for DX11.
3.0-903 8 år, 5 måneder siden Fixed stupid bool to int conversion warnings.
3.0-902 8 år, 5 måneder siden Warning free SOIL lib.
3.0-901 8 år, 5 måneder siden Remove warning about ambigious if/else.
3.0-900 8 år, 5 måneder siden Implement select audio backend CLI option.
3.0-899 8 år, 6 måneder siden Added Tools/buildbot-try.sh. See http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/wiki/BuildbotTry for documentation about that feature.
3.0-898 8 år, 6 måneder siden Fix a memory leak based on Lioncash's patches.
3.0-897 8 år, 6 måneder siden Add support for recording bongos.
3.0-896 8 år, 6 måneder siden Merge branch 'rehash-msw-cursor-hide'
3.0-887 8 år, 6 måneder siden Add a useful comment to DSP.cpp
3.0-886 8 år, 6 måneder siden TextureCacheBase: Delete textures completely instead of just invalidating them in ClearRenderTargets. That's what would've been done in the next TCB::Load() call, anyway. Fixes issue 5742.
3.0-885 8 år, 6 måneder siden Save secondary list sorting.
3.0-884 8 år, 6 måneder siden revert changes to banner background color
3.0-883 8 år, 6 måneder siden Revert "Use the global ::wxSetCursor instead of the local one from our panel object. Should close 3956."
3.0-882 8 år, 6 måneder siden Use the global ::wxSetCursor instead of the local one from our panel object. Should close 3956.
3.0-881 8 år, 6 måneder siden (CoreAudio) Retain volume value until initialization. Makes volume slider work when game isn't running. Fixes issue 5383.
3.0-880 8 år, 6 måneder siden If the HOME environment variable isn't set, fall back on to PWD. Closes 5584.
3.0-879 8 år, 6 måneder siden Adds the Wii Korean settings file. It was handled in the wii-network branch in rev c42a6f156e2c. Master handles the settings files differently. Until wii-network merges in to master, this closes issue...
3.0-878 8 år, 6 måneder siden Fix OSX build once again. Apparently OSX needs to get with the times.