3.5-514 8 år siden Eliminate some baseless restrictions in PointerWrap, mainly vector<string> not working.
3.5-513 8 år siden Merge branch 'perfqueries'.
3.5-491 8 år siden also don't cleanup efb copys on efb2ram
3.5-490 8 år siden Fix Dolphin starting only once then crashing at startup
3.5-489 8 år siden Fixes two memory leaks, one is pretty bad for OSX. Yell at pauldachz if this doesn't work. Or... say thanks.
3.5-488 8 år siden Added a BluetoothEnumerateInstalledServices call so that the wiimote remembers the pairing.
3.5-487 8 år siden Make ARMJit core default CPU core on ARM architecture
3.5-486 8 år siden Merge branch 'VideoSoftware-savestates'
3.5-481 8 år siden Fix a StringUtil regression from the arm-noglsl merge
3.5-480 8 år siden Small improvement to cmpli/cmpi in ARMJit.
3.5-479 8 år siden Merge latest ArmEmitter changes from ppsspp while we're at it.
3.5-478 8 år siden Ah. I blame vim on this typo entirely.
3.5-477 8 år siden Add disabled code for authenticating wiimotes on Windows.
3.5-476 8 år siden Merge branch 'arm-noglsl'
3.5-473 8 år siden Buildfix.
3.5-472 8 år siden Yell at the user if they change window size while dumping frames, and some other avi dumping stuff.
3.5-471 8 år siden Merge branch 'real-wiimote-scanning'
3.5-432 8 år siden Make error message for loading save state with wrong dsp engine shorter.
3.5-431 8 år siden Abort load state if it uses a different dsp engine, instead of crashing.
3.5-430 8 år siden Update the gameini of F-zero. Efb to Ram is no longer the default choice.