3.5-1622 7 år, 8 måneder siden Add Read_F32 and Read_F64 helper functions to MemmapFunctions.
3.5-1621 7 år, 8 måneder siden [ARM] Implement xorx
3.5-1620 7 år, 8 måneder siden [ARM] Disable mfmsr. Implement stb and subfx.
3.5-1619 7 år, 8 måneder siden [ARM] Implement MFTB
3.5-1618 7 år, 8 måneder siden [ARM] Implement mfmsr
3.5-1617 7 år, 8 måneder siden On ARM Hosts, increase the instruction run count to 64bit. 32bit is /very/ quickly overflown.
3.5-1616 7 år, 8 måneder siden Fix encoding issue with VADD(Integer)
3.5-1615 7 år, 9 måneder siden [Android] Oops. Keep the screenOrientation setting to landscape.
3.5-1614 7 år, 9 måneder siden [Android] Folder Browser a fragment as well. Removes the menu item for selected path, because it was just a confusing mechanic anyway. People just tap on the ISO in the browser anyway.
3.5-1613 7 år, 9 måneder siden Fix for my previous commit.
3.5-1612 7 år, 9 måneder siden [Android] Change input configuration to a fragment.
3.5-1611 7 år, 9 måneder siden [Android] In the About pane, show if the phone supports OpenGL ES 3. Makes it less confusing for users.
3.5-1610 7 år, 9 måneder siden [Android] Start making it so the side pane is visible on all activities by converting them to fragments. Only Browse Folder and Gamepad Config remain. Fix a issue that Lioncash introduced where no gam...
3.5-1609 7 år, 9 måneder siden [Android] If one wants to use Android Studio. They can import the folder themselves.
3.5-1608 7 år, 9 måneder siden Check for IDIVA/IDIVT correctly. Cortex-A5 parts would have had this set since it supports VFPv4 but not IDIVA. Qualcomm Krait/Krait 300 still doesn't report in the kernel that it supports this.
3.5-1607 7 år, 9 måneder siden Fix Device.h placement in VC++
3.5-1606 7 år, 9 måneder siden Goddamnit. Forgot that Master codes are also abbreviated as (M).
3.5-1605 7 år, 9 måneder siden Remove Action Replay master codes from game inis that contained them, since they're unnecessary.
3.5-1604 7 år, 9 måneder siden Uh, that was stupid. Forgot to remove the NOT.
3.5-1603 7 år, 9 måneder siden When cmake checks for miniupnpc use the MINIUPNPC_VERSION_1_7_OR_HIGHER variable instead of MINIUPNPC_VERSION_PRE1_7. This should fix issue 6422.