4.0-226 7 år, 5 måneder siden ShaderGen: remove nonsense for() if() {}
4.0-225 7 år, 5 måneder siden Try to atomically save config files.
4.0-224 7 år, 5 måneder siden Revert "Remove some unnecessary includes."
4.0-223 7 år, 5 måneder siden Remove some unnecessary includes.
4.0-222 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Implement OnSharedPreferenceChangeListener within PrefsActivity.java. This allows us to immediately save to the ini config when a preference in the front-end is changed, rather than waiting ...
4.0-221 7 år, 5 måneder siden Perf: Use unordered_map instead of map in very slightly hot function.
4.0-220 7 år, 5 måneder siden Remove unused variable waitingForPEInterruptDisable.
4.0-219 7 år, 5 måneder siden PixelShaderGen: Refine the comment from revision 3fbe1b1ccdcf.
4.0-218 7 år, 5 måneder siden VideoCommon: Update FastDepth's comment
4.0-217 7 år, 5 måneder siden VideoCommon: revert the ViewPort changes
4.0-216 7 år, 5 måneder siden Merge branch 'const_buffer_rework'
4.0-206 7 år, 6 måneder siden ogl: use GL_RGBA instead of GL_RGBA8
4.0-205 7 år, 6 måneder siden Gameini database update. "RESIDENT EVIL CODE VERONICA X" added, "The Incredible Hulk:Ultimate Destruction" added some game regions, "Xenoblade Chronicles" updated and added NTSC region, SAMURAI WARRIO...
4.0-204 7 år, 6 måneder siden [ARM] Fix the JITILArm and JITArm dispatchers from comex's recent changes.
4.0-203 7 år, 6 måneder siden Build fix for previous commit.
4.0-201 7 år, 6 måneder siden [Android] Replace the getter for the adapter backing the GameListFragment with a function that simply clears the array adapter. Maintains encapsulation this way. Simplified the actual setting of the b...
4.0-200 7 år, 6 måneder siden [Android] Actually show the currently selected CPU core and video backend within the settings screen.
4.0-199 7 år, 6 måneder siden Revert "{Android] Eliminate need for even using a byte array when copying assets over."
4.0-198 7 år, 6 måneder siden Remove more unused stuff.
4.0-197 7 år, 6 måneder siden One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that code.