4.0-159 7 år, 4 måneder siden Only emit the texgens if they are used, not every single time do all of them.
4.0-158 7 år, 4 måneder siden [Android] Remove unnecessary attributes from the ViewPager layout XML file.
4.0-157 7 år, 4 måneder siden [Android] Reflect the string change in the Tegra 4 support commit with the JP strings as well.
4.0-156 7 år, 4 måneder siden Big gameini database update. Remove most projection hacks enabled by default in gameinis since they are no longer needed after the removal of d3d9 and they can create issues. All of those were there t...
4.0-155 7 år, 4 måneder siden Merge branch 'd3d9-removal'.
4.0-146 7 år, 4 måneder siden Revert "imask stuff"
4.0-144 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Tegra 4 'support.' This brings up the OpenGL backend to support Tegra 4 to the point where it will run games but it doesn't have any video output for some reason. This is a large change that...
4.0-143 7 år, 5 måneder siden Corrected the XMM0 processing for pairedStoreQuantized in the x86 build.
4.0-142 7 år, 5 måneder siden Missing break for IOCTL_ES_DELETETITLECONTENT
4.0-141 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Core] Simplify a loop within function Run() in Interpreter.cpp. The increment variable for the for loop is never used at all, so it's sensible to replace it with a while loop.
4.0-140 7 år, 5 måneder siden Added code to update the PC before doing a fastmem write. Fixes games with freezing and FIFO errors since r2a339c926e43c11f7b9acc8d3af202f0be54e2b0.
4.0-139 7 år, 5 måneder siden Fix storeSingleFloat stack alignment.
4.0-137 7 år, 5 måneder siden Fix build-breaking typo.
4.0-136 7 år, 5 måneder siden Removed the IOSVersion check (caused some Wii games like Battalion Wars 2 not to boot).
4.0-135 7 år, 5 måneder siden Added a check for the IOS version before overriding the OSGetResetCode() function.
4.0-134 7 år, 5 måneder siden Merge branch '6663'
4.0-127 7 år, 5 måneder siden ChooseMemcardPath bugfix: check for a directory separator before converting an absolute path to a relative path.
4.0-126 7 år, 5 måneder siden [ARM] Disable subfic, it prevents Wind Waker from booting into a save game.
4.0-125 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Make sure to change the title accordingly when coming back from the folder browser.
4.0-124 7 år, 5 måneder siden [Android] Simplify LayoutInflater retrieval within GameListAdapter, FolderBrowserAdapter, and SideMenuAdapter.